Jack McDevitt

Synopsis of Omega

After almost half a century of exploration, the Academy has finally found a true living civilization. It is advanced in many ways, but it is fragile and still in the very early stages of technological development. The bad news is that we found it because an omega cloud is headed its way, and we are now confronted with the problem that once overwhelmed the Monument-Makers (in The Engines of God): Find a way to perform a rescue. And do it without letting the locals know we're there.

While a reinforced team tries to work a miracle, Priscilla Hutchins, now director of Academy operations, seeks to solve the puzzle of the age: What are the omega clouds? The answer, she suspects, might be found in an art gallery in Georgetown.

Reviews of Omega


This latest amalgam of hard SF and humanist concerns is McDevitt at his best, and that is very good indeed. -- Bill Sheehan, The Washington Post

Mr. McDevitt is one if this decades great world builders. -- Harriet Klausner, BooksNBtytes

...McDevitt honors the memory of his predecessors by writing up to their level. -- Paul Di Filippo,

One of the refreshing things about McDevitt is that he doesn't underestimate how hard it is to do big things. -- Ernest Lilley, SF Revu