One King, One Soldier

One King, One Soldier

Alexander Irvine

Synopsis of One King, One Soldier

At the turn of the twentieth century, a baseball player named George Gibson embarks upon a mystical journey to the Congo. His mission: to shepherd a powerful relic to its home in Abyssinia. But poet'turned...grail seeker Arthur Rimbaud is after what Gibson others before him have been for millennia. A half-century later, after receiving an honorable discharge from the Korean War, twenty-year-old Lance Porter vows to put his civilian life back together...which means heading to commie-infested Berkeley to see his high school sweetheart, Ellie. But after Lance gets cold feet, he encounters instead a poet named Jack Spicer, who spews crazy stories about Lance being the Fisher King. It appears that the bearing of the grail has been bequeathed to young Lance, much to his shock and disbelief. Can a legacy born in the deserts of Ethiopia truly be reemerging in the bohemian bars of New York City and San Francisco? And is a vet with a lost soul really worthy of its care?

ALEXANDER C. IRVINE has breathed a refreshing burst of air into the Arthurian legend. In One King, One Soldier, ancient characters and Irvine's pitch-perfect historical accuracy merge with a gritty, dark portrait of America in the Cold-war ...50s. Here, three stories come brilliantly together in an edgy mix of baseball, imperialism, poetry, and grail mythology.

Reviews of One King, One Soldier


The cup may be myth, but good writing is as real as it ever was. And this, Gentle Reader, is good writing. -- Bill Herriman, SFRevu

It's not quite as solid as the best efforts of an Author like Tim Powers, but it's a surprisingly strong and deep second novel. -- Adam Lipkin, Bookslut

Here and there has tried to touch all too many bases through the sacred geometry of One King, One Soldier; but, in the end, he manages to touch enough of them with his frank open urgent voice to charge us. -- John Clute,

Alexander C. Irvine has written a fantastic work of speculative fiction that will change the way readers think of urban fantasy. -- Harriet Klausner,