Orphans of Earth

Orphans of Earth

Sean Williams
Shane Dix

Synopsis of Orphans of Earth

After Earth's demise, the last survivors have one goal: to contact any extant colonies left and warn them of a coming menace. Alien ships are arriving intent on the destruction of everything in their path. But then help arrives-from an unexpected and unwelcome source.

Reviews of Orphans of Earth


Perhaps the most wonderful thing about this ongoing "radical hard SF" space opera is the blithe and insouciant manner with which Dix and Williams approach mankind's objectively dismal plight. -- Paul Di Filippo, Scifi.com

ORPHANS OF EARTH is space opera at its finest as Sean Williams and Shane Dix have created a rousing adventure starring alien races that seem so real and superior to mankind that it is no wonder there is no communication between the various species. -- Hariett Klausner, Under the Covers