Pebble In The Sky

Pebble In The Sky

Isaac Asimov

Synopsis of Pebble In The Sky

Earthman beware!

Two minutes before he disappeared forever from the face of the Earth he knew, Joseph Schwartz was strolling down the pleasant streets of a Chicago suburb, thinking about his family.

He was a simple man, a kind man, a practical man not given to wild flights of imagination.

So when he saw the old Raggedy Ann doll lying in his path, he merely smiled and lifted his foot to step over it...

That was the only thing he remembered.

He did not know that it marked the last act of hsi life on this earth...and the beginning of a terrifying journey into a strange new world where the twentieth century was already ancient history.

Reviews of Pebble In The Sky


It's easy to see why novels like this one and The Caves of Steel put Asimov on the map. -- T. M. Wagner, SFReviews

A weak and lengthy Series of coincidences hold the plot together at times, but Dr. Asimov's smooth writing ability spins a plausible, and at times interesting, future history. -- Don McConnell, Spacewarp 37

Asimov's first novel and one of my favorites. -- John H. Jenkins, Jenkins... Spoiler-Laden Guide to Isaac Asimov