Scott MacKay

Synopsis of Phytosphere

After settlement negotiations between humanity and the alien Tarsalans go horribly wrong, the Earth is engulfed in a mysterious green sphere-blocking all sunlight from reaching the surface. Only two scientists-one isolated on the Moon's lunar colony, the other trapped on a dying Earth-possess the minds and the means to destroy the sphere before it renders the world completely barren...

Reviews of Phytosphere


There's a lot in this novel that's intriguing and engaging, and the science is great. But the disparate elements never balance out, and so the Book doesn't come together in a satisfying way.... -- A.M. Dellamonica , innovative well written apocalyptic science fiction thriller. -- Harriet Klausner's Review Archive

...a semi-interesting scientific puzzle with a few brief action sequences. -- Don D'Ammassa, Critical Mass