The Pixel Eye

The Pixel Eye

Paul Levinson

Synopsis of The Pixel Eye

The future is always shaped by the present.

New York City, the next decade: terrorism is more threatening than ever; skyscrapers are a cherished, defiant statement; underground concourses have multiplied because of the sense of security they provide; law enforcement and civil liberties groups clash over the proper boundary between public safety and personal freedom. That's the tenor of the times when NYPD forensic detective Dr. Phil D'Amato is called in to investigate an urgent case--squirrels missing from Central Park!

It sounded like a joke, but Phil soon discovers it's anything but. A new telecom technology can put implants into the brains of living squirrels to translate what they are seeing into computer-viewable images. But who's behind this surveillance breakthrough? Federal agencies or terrorists?

Phil's latest adventure pits personal loyalties against public responsibilities, privacy against freedom, security against animal rights, all against a backdrop of a near-future, post-9/11 New York City that is completely recognizable, even with its new generation of advanced cellular phones, free-standing holograms, tunneling technologies, transport systems, and forensic computers. The Pixel Eye offers a vision of a future we may all soon be living in.

Reviews of The Pixel Eye


Overall the novel can be recommended to anyone interested in a political thriller with a sci-fi twist. -- Chris Wyatt, Cinescape

Even if the Book doesn't answer all the questions it asks, it's a fun and thought-provoking read. -- Graham Sleight,

Hamsters are involved, along with the Department of Homeland Security. Secrets, lies, terrorists, technology, science, it is all here. -- Edward Carmien, SFRevu

This third Detective D...Amato Book combines the best aspects of police procedural mystery with near future SF. -- Cindy Lynn Speer, Fantastica Daily