Portrait Of A Bride

Portrait Of A Bride

Tracy Fobes

Synopsis of Portrait Of A Bride

What if there were no daughters, no women, no wives? What if an artist could capture the femininity, the sensuality, the very spirit of his subjects? An artist so skilled and dedicated that he could paint the sweet curve of a cheek, the fire in a flashing eye, the lush promise of every man's fantasy and bring her to life, transported from another place and time, ready for the marriage bed of wealthy patrons. What if such a man accepted the honor of creating a consort for his own father, a queen for his people, yet found her irresistible loveliness a temptation too powerful to resist? For this was no pliant, submissive female, but a brilliant scientist, a bold innovator, a daring lover. And her retrieval from modern-day Philadelphia would forever change Blackfell and the Pygmalion who dared to create his ideal...

...Portrait of a Bride

Reviews of Portrait Of A Bride


Built upon an intriguingly original premise, this Book both entertains and makes accurate social commetaries on the state of life. Ms. Forbes proves that she is as much of an artiste as her hero. -- Amanda Faye, The Eternal Night

*Yawn* Sorry, I must have dozed off while reading Tracy Fobes, PORTRAIT OF A BRIDE. -- Shannon Johnson, Romance Reader at Heart

A wonderful read for those who crave something rare and special in a paranormal romance. -- Tanzey Cutter, ParaNormal Romance Reviews

Science fiction romance readers will appreciate this fine tale that hopefully will have More Tracy Fobes... stories occur in this ...devastated... realm. -- Harriet Klausner, Harriet Klausner's Review Archive