Prador Moon

Prador Moon

Neal Asher

Synopsis of Prador Moon

Neal Asher takes on first contact, Polity style. This original novel recounts the first contact between the aggressive Prador aliens, and the Polity Collective as it is forced to retool its society to a war footing. The overwhelming brute force of the Prador dreadnaughts causes several worlds and space stations to be overrun. Prador Moon follows the initial Polity defeats, to the first draws, and culminates in what might be the first Polity victory, told from the point of view of two unlikely heroes.

Reviews of Prador Moon


Prador Moon may not be the best novel to read while enjoying spaghetti in red sauce.) -- Mark Wilson,

Asher is no Ken MacLeod ... he doesn't spend page after page having characters debate politics ... but he does present some interesting ideas. -- Cheryl Morgan, Emerald City

There's pretty much something for anyone interested in a far future space adventure. -- Paul Haggerty, SFRevu