Red Lightning

Red Lightning

John Varley

Synopsis of Red Lightning

The son of one of the first men to fly to Mars and back, Ray Garcia- Strickland, is now a disgruntled Martian, tired of the Red Planet's overdevelopment and the gravity dependent tourist Earthies. But that doesn't stop him from fearing the worst when Earth is struck by an unknown object, causing a massive tsunami. Living high on his father's glory was okay, but now Ray must literally come down to Earth-and solve one of its greatest mysteries.

Reviews of Red Lightning


I recommend readers start with Red Thunder, which is very much the better of the two Books, and then decide if they want to follow the family and friends to new, less nostalgic adventures. -- Sam Lubell, SFRevu

Varley's sequel to his optimistic, feel-good novel of on-the-sly, on-the-cheap, libertarian space travel for all is a different beast from its predecessor. Informed by recent alarming geopolitical realities, it's a darker, less hopeful Book. -- Paul Di Filippo,