Retief's Peace

Retief's Peace

William H. Keith Jr.

Synopsis of Retief's Peace

Peace, it's wonderful! Except when the Peace Movement is actually a subterfuge by the warlike and imperialistic Krll to get the Terrans to pull out of a planet, leaving it defenseless and ripe for conquest. The Terran diplomats have their usual primary concerns: covering their, ah, flank and not doing anything that might threaten their careers, and they're not about to do anything . Once again, it's up to Retief to thwart the would-be conquerors, even if he has to do it by convincing everyone that he has finally bought the farm. Retief has never more dangerous to the villains than when he's dead . . .

Reviews of Retief's Peace


It's certainly good enough to merit a continuance of the Series, but I'm hoping it will all grow up a bit. -- Ernest Lilley, SFRevu

Keith has captured the essence and soul of what Laumer envisioned Retief to be. -- Larry Stanley, Penguin Comics

William H. Keith captures the essence of Keith Laumer's Retief in this fine satirical action-packed science fiction thriller. -- Harriet Klausner, ParaNormal Romance Reviews