River of the World

River of the World

Chaz Brenchley

Synopsis of River of the World

The city of Maras-Sund has stood for more than 20 years-two lands joined together by a magical bridge the Marasai used to conquer the Sundain. But the man known as Issel has magic of his own- an ability to manipulate water-which he will use to free his people. He finds an ally in Jendre, the daughter of a general in Maras's army, and a woman with her own vendetta against the regime. Her sister is held captive, along with others whose life essences power the magical bridge between her land and Sund. Her plan: to help Issel enter the palace and break the spell.

Reviews of River of the World


The rich descriptions and language carry all readers along. -- Mel Jacob, SFRevu

Chaz Brenchley writes a terrific political fantasy. -- Harriet Klausner's Review Archive