The Robots of Dawn

The Robots of Dawn

Isaac Asimov

Synopsis of The Robots of Dawn

A puzzling case of roboticide sends New York Detective Elijah Baley on an intense search for a murderer. Armed with his own instincts, his quirky logic, and the immutable Three Laws of Robotics, Baley is determined to solve the case. But can anything prepare a simple Earthman for the psychological complexities of a world where a beautiful woman can easily have fallen in love with an all-too-human robot...?

Reviews of The Robots of Dawn


While perhaps not as powerfully compelling as the two earlier works in this Series (THE CAVES OF STEEL and THE NAKED SUN), fans of these Books will find THE ROBOTS OF DAWN completely enjoyable. -- Books For a Buck

Bottom line, then: Quite good-not Asimov's best, but definitely towards the top. -- John H. Jenkins, Jenkins... Spoiler-Laden Guide to Isaac Asimov

This is the second Asimov sequel that I have read in the last two months and also the second one which disappointed me. -- Steven Goldsmith, Goldkeys Services