The Seven Hills

The Seven Hills

John Maddox Roberts

Synopsis of The Seven Hills

John Maddox Roberts's provocative Hannibal's Children answered a fascinating question: What if Rome fell to Carthage, then rose again? Now, the Romans' victory is complete, but their legendary unity-and commander Marcus Scipio's leadership-will be tested...

Reviews of The Seven Hills


Even after a dozen battles, there are always new wrinkles to keep you interested. -- Paul Haggerty,

John Maddox Roberts, writer of the terrific SPQR Ancient Rome mysteries, with THE SEVEN HILLS and its predecessor (see HANNIBAL'S CHILDREN) is the Harry Turtledove of an alternate Roman Empire. -- Harriet Klausner, The Best Reviews

Any Series that posits hang gliders and steam engines in ancient Rome comes with lot of wish fulfillment. -- Henry Leon Lazarus, The Coffee Cramp Reviews