Shell Shock (Doctor Who)

Shell Shock (Doctor Who)

Simon A. Forward

Synopsis of Shell Shock (Doctor Who)

The Doctor is washed up literally on an alien beach with only intelligent crabs and a madman for company. How can he possibly rescue Peri who was lost at sea the same time as he and the Tardis? But Peri has problems of her own. 'Rescued' from drowning by an intelligent sponge growth, she has been adopted by the life form as its own personal God. As the denizens of the beach come under increasingly vicious attack, the Doctor must discover the truth in time to save all their lives.

Reviews of Shell Shock (Doctor Who)


If you don't like this, you must be very crabby indeed. -- Richard McGinlay, Sci-fi-Online

There are some very silly ideas in Shell Shock, which could have been made to work had the story been told in a tongue-in-cheek, B-movie style, but Simon A Forward instead chooses a serious approach that does not sit well with the subject matter. -- Roger J. Pocock, The Doctor Who Review

This is a good piece, and if all Doctor Who fiction were of this quality the world would be a better place. -- Nicholas Whyte, Infinity Plus

Reading a good Who story is like listening to a good blues song. -- Andy Sawyer, The Alien Online