Ships from the West

Ships from the West

Paul Kearney

Synopsis of Ships from the West

The end of peace

The five Ramusian kingdoms exist in an uneasy religious split, their peace with the savage Merduks a fragile one. In the last decade, an entire generation has grown up that has never known war. But that will change as old enemies clash to decide the fate of the continent of Normannia...once and for all...

An ancient threat

A shapeshifting immortal, Aruan, and his unholy Second Empire are poised to attack. But the Ramusian kings allied against them are trained in traditional warfare. Nothing can prepare them for Aruan's inhuman warriors and the magical forces he will marshal from the mysterious Western Continent...a place committed to evil...

Kings under siege

Cracks have formed beneath the kings of Hebrion, Astarac and Torunna...endangering the long-ago peace they won for their monarchies. As they prepare their people for a war greater than any yet seen, they find the foundations they stand on giving way...and the kingdoms of Normannia beginning to crumble...

Reviews of Ships from the West


As a final verdict one can only say that if the story leaves the reader hungry for more of the same, then the Author has done a very fine job indeed. -- Simeon Shoul, Infinity Plus