A Shortcut in Time

A Shortcut in Time

Charles Dickinson

Synopsis of A Shortcut in Time

Euclid, Illinois, is a town of many shortcuts, between houses, through orchards, and across fields. Josh Winkler, a local artist and longtime resident, knows these irregular pathways well, but is thoroughly taken aback when a hasty dash down a familiar walk deposits him fifteen minutes in the past--literally. At first, Josh is more intrigued than alarmed by this accidental time travel. Then a lost young woman appears, claiming to be from 1908 . . . .

As his life, his family, his town, and even history itself begin to unravel, Josh gradually realizes that his only salvation may lie in A Shortcut Time.

Reviews of A Shortcut in Time


Most non-fiction and mainstream literary fiction never comes close to this unflinching examination of the choices we face. -- Lisa DuMond, MEViews

Dickinson's time-travel novel should join the ranks of the best, which would include Orwell's Time Machine, Jack Finney's Time and Again, and the almost unknown Replay, by Ken Grimwood. -- Randy Michael Signor, Chicago Sun-Times

A SHORTCUT IN TIME is a wacky, way out time traveling adventure that would make a great movie (similar to Back to the Future but wackier). -- Harriet Klausner, Under the Covers

As might be expected from an Author of mainstream literature who has won an O. Henry Award for short fiction, the novel is elegantly written, and Dickinson is willing both to spend plenty of time with his characters and also make them fully believable and human...which also means, on occasion, less than lovable. -- F. Brett Cox, Scifi.com

I was never able to quite get around that it almost seemed like I was reading the outline of a made-for-television movie. -- Rob Archer, SFRevu

Charles Dickinson has created a subtle and engaging world where the event of time travel takes second billing to a tale of familial relationships and the consequences of suppressing or sharing feelings. -- Dan Bogey, The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

The ending is as fascinating as it is unexpected. -- Tom Walker, Denver Post

Dickinson's novel ultimately succeeds as both an adventure tale and a family photo album. -- Tom Lynch, New City Chicago

A Shortcut in Time is a wonderful tale of loyalty and selfless love. -- Mark Graham, Rocky Mountain News