Siege of Mithila (The Ramayana, Book I)

Siege of Mithila (The Ramayana, Book I)

Ashok Banker

Synopsis of Siege of Mithila (The Ramayana, Book I)

In PRINCE OF AYODHYA, Ashok K. Banker told of the terrifying prophecy that doomed a city and the heroes that fought to preserve their homes. Drawing on the epic Indian saga of the Ramayana for inspiration, he has brought one of history's greatest works to a global audience. Now SIEGE OF MITHILA continues the story of the heroes of the Ramayana. The prophecy of annihilation has been made and events are moving to their inexorable conclusion. The fate of the world hangs in the balance and the slightest mistake will lead to the certain destruction of all . The original Ramayana was written in Sanskrit by a reformed thief- turned-sage named Valmiki, possibly as long ago as 2,000 B.C.

Reviews of Siege of Mithila (The Ramayana, Book I)


So, as in the first volume of this Series, the Siege of Mithila offers a swashbuckling heroic page-turner which is at the same time a well-written exploration of human courage and failings, hopes and fears for those of us fantasy fans who like such literary values along with our unrepentant adventure. -- Juliet E McKenna, The Alien Online

I really enjoyed this Book, despite coming to it with a bit of trepidation, but that was soon lifted. -- Phil Jones, SFCrowsnest