Singularity Sky

Singularity Sky

Charles Stross

Synopsis of Singularity Sky

This much-anticipated debut novel is set 400 years in the future-and in the wake of perfected time travel, the ultimate advancements in technology and information, and the groundbreaking development of Artificial Intelligence. Is this all a great step for humanity? Or will it be our ultimate downfall?

Singularity Sky is a truly visionary novel of the future, and already its Author, Charles Stross, has become the most talked-about new voice in science fiction...

Reviews of Singularity Sky


Inventive and occasionally very funny, Stross is a writer who wants to entertain but also to be taken seriously. -- Gavin J. Grant, Bookpage

Singularity Sky is fast-paced, the characters are engaging and fun, and the sometimes tongue-in-cheek plot keeps you guessing as to the outcome. -- Paul Giguere, SFRevu

Speculative fiction is above all else a literature of ideas. So this is exactly the kind of SF I love to read, and I heartily recommend it. -- Juliet E. McKenna, The Alien Online

An enjoyable hard-SF debut, but one that's maybe just a little too full of ideas... -- Juliet E. McKenna, The Alien Online

Despite some beguiling writing, some charming humor, and some interesting concepts the Book's weak cohesion fails completely under close examination and collapses entirely. -- Inchoatus