Solstice Wood

Solstice Wood

Patricia A. McKillip

Synopsis of Solstice Wood

When her beloved grandfather dies, Bookstore owner Sylvia Lynn knows she must finally return to her childhood home in upstate New York and face the grandmother who raised her and the woods which so beguiled- and frightened-her. But it's not until she meets the Fiber Guild-a group of local women who meet to knit, embroider, and sew-that Sylvia learns why her grandmother watches her so. A primitive power exists in the forest, a force the Fiber Guild seeks to bind in its stitches and weavings. And Sylvia is no stranger to the woods.

Reviews of Solstice Wood


Although best known for her otherworldly fantasies, McKillip proves she is equally at home with the modern world. -- Drew Bittner, SFRevu

A stand alone novel, readers will want to peruse this tale and its award winning precedent. -- Harriet Klausner's Review Archive

...despite its present-day backdrop, the novel develops into a satisfying, old-fashioned gothic romance with a dark queen, a changeling, a circle of wise women and more than a few surprises. -- Gavin J. Grant, BooksAMillion

As always, McKillip writes sparely, with elegance and precision, and this time disguises her usual insufficiency of plot behind an annoying and disconcerting succession of first-person narrators. -- Kirkus, via