Storms of Destiny

Storms of Destiny

A.C. Crispin

Synopsis of Storms of Destiny

Disgraced outcasts,they hold the fates of empire and gods ...

A dedicated priestess of Boq'urak, Thia has spent the whole of her young life in devout worship -- until she inadvertently discovers the unholy truth about the deity she serves. Cruelly thrust back into a world she does not know, she has become an exile in a land torn asunder by terror and conflict. But Thia will not be making her journey alone. An outcast warrior priest, a mysterious healer, an enslaved prince, and an embittered spy must join with her to save a realm ravaged by invasion -- and rescue the future from the terrible wrath of a demon god.

Reviews of Storms of Destiny


The Exiles of Boq'urain: Storms of Destiny is clearly written by a professional who knows how to keep the action moving. -- Lois H. Gresh,