Amy Thomson

Synopsis of Storyteller

On the planet of Thalassa, history is passed on from generation to generation by Storytellers. For one woman who calls herself Teller, storytelling is her life. At her side are her harsel, the great sea-beast to whom she is telepathically bonded, and Samad, a young street boy whom she reluctantly took in as an apprentice. But eventually, Samad will discover the secret at the heart of Teller's life-a discovery that will change him profoundly...

Reviews of Storyteller


Well written, serious, and beautiful. -- Lucy Schmeidler, SF Revu

Amy Thomson takes us into the heart of human memory in Storyteller (4), a tale of the bond between parent and child and the profound impact a single person can have on society. -- Jen Talley Exum, Romantic Times Book Club

STORYTELLER is a unique, amazing reading experience. -- Harriet Klasuner, Harriet Klausner's review archive.

Overall I think Storyteller is a charming and entertaining Book that should be read by parents everywhere. -- Cheryl Morgan, Emerald City