The Summer Country

The Summer Country

James A. Hetley

Synopsis of The Summer Country

Maureen Pierce has led a fairly ordinary life, maybe a slightly tough one for a woman her age, growing up on the wrong side of the poverty line in Naskeag Falls, Maine. But everything changes when she meets Brian Albion. If she can believe him, she carries a blood legacy that goes back to the old country. Only this is the really old country, the land of Mordred and Merlin, where deadly battles are still fought with magic, and a woman who carries the blood of the Old Ones is a prize to be desired-or a threat to be destroyed.

Reviews of The Summer Country


It's hard to believe this is James A. Hetley's first novel because it is so well constructed, colorful and imaginative that it seemingly defies the laws of writing as only a seasoned vet could have written this. -- Harriet Klausner, BooksNBytes

This tale is intense and a tremendous first novel. -- Henry Leon Lazarus, Tome Of Lazarus -

Beautiful, dark, and gritty, this first novel is a real winner. -- Paula Luedtke, Booklist

This is a richly woven debut novel for Hetley, a bold entry into the realm of contemporary fantasy. I hope to see more in this vein from him soon. -- Tom Knapp, Rambles

It will be interesting to see what Hetley writes next. -- Victoria McManus, SFRevu

Hetley pulls the reader deep into this fictional world. The characters are vibrant; they want things, and strive to get them, no matter what. The world breathes. -- Lola Sparks,