Survival (Species Imperative, 1)

Survival (Species Imperative, 1)

Julie E. Czerneda

Synopsis of Survival (Species Imperative, 1)

When her Field Base is mysteriously attacked, Dr. Mackenzie Connor must flee for her life. Joining forces with an alien archaeologist, she escapes to his planet on a quest to find a defense against the unknown agressor-before they launch a full-scale invasion of Earth.

Reviews of Survival (Species Imperative, 1)


With Survival, Czerneda has begun the Species Imperative Series with a very big bang and an engrossing prelude that makes the wait for the next volume seem painfully long. -- Lisa DuMond, MEviews

This is truly a wonderful Book, like a cheesecake, it's utterly delicious from the first chapter to the last, and a sense of triumph at finally finishing it off. -- Madeline Yeh, SFRevu

...this Book does show some promise. -- Geoff Willmetts

In all, this is an enjoyable novel, with well-thought-out aliens, wonderful viewpoint character and solid supporting cast, and twisty and at times breathless plot. -- David Brukman, In Other Worlds

Plain and simple: This is Czerneda's best work to date. -- Paul Goat Allen, Barnes And Noble