The Silver Lake

The Silver Lake

Fiona Patton

Synopsis of The Silver Lake

In Anavatan, the city of the Silver Lake, where the gods frequently manifest, it's hard to survive if you're not pledged to a deity. When the three-night chaos of Havo's Dance sweeps through the city, the unaffiliated had best find good places to hide-or risk madness and death out on the streets.

But during this year's Dance, street orphans Spar and Brax will discover their destinies: one when he is marked as the future Champion of the War God, and the other as he learns to master his talent as a seer. And their enemy Graize will be cast forth from the city and claimed by hungry spirits-spirits who seek a way into Anatavan and the power of the Silver Lake.

Reviews of The Silver Lake


The Silver Lake lays the groundwork for a world rich in personality and layers of conflict, promising well-conducted fantasy in the rest of the Series. -- Christine Fisher, SFRevu

The first Book in The Warriors of Estavia is a fantastic fantasy filled with action, intrigue and refreshingly original and realistic characters. -- Harriet Klausner, ParaNormal Romance Reviews