Scott MacKay

Synopsis of Tides

Tides tells the tale of the rise of two intelligent species on the same planet, at a time in their history when they first encounter each other. Paras and Ortok are the only two continents on this planet, the homes to these two different species, and are separated by thousands of miles of ocean. Paras is lush and hospitable, a place where no one ever knows want. It has given rise to a culture of kindness and honesty. Ortok is bleak and volcanic, where the inhabitants survive at a subsistence level. It has given rise to a culture of cruelty and deceit. But will the inhabitants of Paras forever remain honest? And will the sentient species on Ortok finally cast out deceit? Watch cultures collide in this brilliant new novel by the award-winning Author of OMNIFIX and ORBIS.

Reviews of Tides


Tides is a grand adventure wrapped in some of the oldest science fiction traditions and embellished with superb writing. -- Lois H. Gresh, Scifi.com

Mackay is not doing anything new, and he's not doing the old idea terribly well. -- Cheryl Morgan, Emerald City