Time's Child

Time's Child

Rebecca Ore

Synopsis of Time's Child

Earth, 2308. Multiple pandemic plagues have ravaged the earth beyond recognition. Working desperately, the Philadelphia National Archives uses a mysterious time machine to bring key members of the past into the future, to save humanity from destroying itself.

Pulled from Renaissance Italy, former peasant Benedetta brings a friendship with master artist Leonardo da Vinci . . . and an unprecedented ability to change destiny, aided by her new partner, the Viking Ivar. But it is not easy to reconcile the past and the present, and the time refugees have their own plans for their new world.

Weaving together time travel, quantum mechanics, Templars, and outlaws, acclaimed Author Rebecca Ore delivers a powerful tale of intrigue and possibility, and the fight to be free.

Reviews of Time's Child


...fun, quirky and creative. -- Lois H. Gresh, Scifi.com

...succeeds on many levels. -- Sam Lubell, SFRevu

Rebecca Ore provides an exhilarating science fiction brave new world thriller. -- Harriet Klausner's Review Archive