Mick Farren

Synopsis of Underland

The paranormal branch of the National Security Agency enlists the aid of Victor Requist, master of the Nosferatu colony, along with NSA operative Jack Coulson, and Thyme Bridewell, a failed NSA brain-control experiment, to seek out survivors of Hitler's Third Reich, who have set up a secret base in Antarctica with their allies, the Dhrakuh, an ancient race of sentient reptiles.

Reviews of Underland


Farren does some interesting things in service of putting the stuff of tabloid legend...from vampires to flying saucers-into a convincing SF context. Nevertheless, Underland's outstanding lack of humanity makes it a hard Book to warm up to. -- A.M. Dellamonica, Scifi.com

Whew! It's weird, it's wild, and it's as only Mick Farren could write it. -- Jude Feldman, Borderlands Books

Though the story line contains a bit too many sidebars for us mortals to fully follow, fans of each genre will appreciate this strong third vampire entry that features the extraordinary imagination and talent of Mr. Farren. -- Harriet Klausner, bleather.com