Michael Kube-McDowell

Synopsis of Vectors

From one of the most original voices in imaginative fiction comes a stunning novel of suspense and speculation, as a scientist seeking to uncover the mystery of human consciousness finds himself in a desperate search for immortality.

Dr. Jonathan Briggs is a gifted neuroscientist researching the existence of the human soul. Working at one of the world's top facilities, he has access to the latest technology. He also has the enthusiastic support of his lover, Alynn Reed, who made her fortune as a creator of virtual reality games that have broken every barrier. Alynn believes in reincarnation, which Jonathan scoffs at--until he begins to note strange anomalies in his research.

Then Jonathan's life is suddenly, shockingly turned upside down. No longer the dispassionate scientist, he begins a fevered, reckless effort to go beyond belief to proof. Ridiculed by his colleagues and the tabloid media, hounded by the police, Jonathan finds himself in a frenzied race against time, memory, and his own mortality. As he journeys deeper into the labyrinth of the human psyche, he moves nearer the place where past and future intersect, identities mingle, and death is the beginning of the most amazing adventure of all.

Reviews of Vectors


Michael Crichton should watch his tail, as Kube-McDowell surpasses the over-rated Crichton in all aspects of the near-future thriller mode. -- Paul Di Filippo,

Fun and worth looking at even if you don't believe in reincarnation. -- Henry Leon Lazarus, Tome Of Lazarus -

Where is the science fiction? Where is the science? Where is the plausibility? And finally, what's the point? -- Mervius, Fantasitca Daily

VECTORS is good work of speculative fiction, filled with wonder and hope. -- Harriet Klausner, The Best Reviews

In this intensely driven novel, Mr. Kube-McDowell delivers a cerebral, thought-provoking vision of reincarnation and how far a man will travel to see his love again. -- Kelly Rae Cooper, The Romantic Times Book Club

If you are interested in the human soul and reincarnation, I think this is a readable, absorbing Book. If you love a good, torrid romance with a more traditional ending, this Book might not satisfy. -- Jody Wallace, Science Fiction Romance