Wild Cards: Death Draws Five

Wild Cards: Death Draws Five

John J. Miller

Synopsis of Wild Cards: Death Draws Five

An original novel set in the widely popular Wild Cards world created by science fiction scion George R.R. Martin. Edited by Hugo award winning and New York times bestselling Author, George R.R. Martin.

It's really quite simple. Mr. Nobody wants to do his job. The Midnight Angel wants to serve her Lord. Billy Ray, dying from boredom, wants some action. John Nighthawk wants to uncover the awful secret behind his mysterious power. Fortunato wants to rescue his son from the clutches of a cryptic Vatican office. John Fortune just wants to catch Siegfried and Ralph's famous Vegas review. The problem is that all roads, whether they start in Turin, Italy, Las Vegas, Hokkaido, Japan, Jokertown, Snake Hill, the Short Cut, or Yazoo City, Mississippi, lead to Leo Barnett's Peaceable Kingdon where the difference between the Apocalypse and Peace on Earth is as thin as a razor's edge and where Death himself awaits the final terrible turn of the card.

Wild Cards: Death Draws Five is an original novel set in this shared world utilizing characters from other Wild Card adventures.

Reviews of Wild Cards: Death Draws Five


With Miller's considerable talent fully employed, it's like the Wild Cards never left...and readers can hope they won't be gone so long ever again. -- Drew Bittner, SFRevu