Wind Rider's Oath

Wind Rider's Oath

David Weber

Synopsis of Wind Rider's Oath

In The War God's Own, Bahzell had managed to stop a war by convincing Baron Tllian, leader of the Sothoii, to "surrender" to him, the War God's champion. Now, he has journeyed to the Sothoii Wind Plain to oversee the parole he granted to Tellian and his men, to represent the Order of tomanak, the War God, and to be an ambassador for the hradani. What's more, the flying coursers of the Sothoii have accepted Bahzell as a windrider - the first hradani windrider in history. And since the windriders are the elite of the elite among the Sothoii, Bahzell's ascension is as likely to stir resentment as respect. That combination of duties would have been enough to keep anyone busy - even a warrior prince like Bahzell - but additional complications are bubbling under the surface. The goddess Shigu, the Queen of Hell, is sowing dissension among the war maids of the Sothoii. The supporters of the deposed Sothoii noble who started the war are plotting to murder their new liege lord and frame Bahzell for the deed. Of course, those problems are all in a day's work for a champion of the War God. But what is Bahzell going to do about Baron Tellian's daughter, the heir to the realm, who seems to be thinking that Bahzell is the only man - or hradani - for her?

Reviews of Wind Rider's Oath


Weber is a story-teller rather than an 'Author,' and he occasionally gets bogged down in boring conversations where characters chat things out, explain what they are going to do to one another, and generally kill the action. -- BooksForABuck

WIND RIDER's OATH is not up to the level of excellence normally achieved by David Weber especially with this sword and sorcery fantasy Series. -- Harriet Klausner, BooksNBytes

In all, a Book wirthwhile for the reader's following the Series, but not strong enough to provide much enjoyment on its own. -- David Brukman, In Other Worlds