Zulu Heart

Zulu Heart

Steven Barnes

Synopsis of Zulu Heart

Set in the late 1800's in an alternate universe in which Africa colonized the America's, ZULU HEART continues the stories of two men from very different backgrounds. Kai is a politically important Ethiporan nobleman; Aidan, a white Irishman who was until recently Kai's slave. But just as the promise of freedom has separated these two men's fates, racial discourse is about to reunite them. A rebellion is building toward civil war. Loyalties are being drawn along the lines of homelands, namely Egypt and Ethiopia, and causing the New World to be torn into a North and a South-with Kai and Aidan caught in the crossfire.

Reviews of Zulu Heart


There's lots of room for all sorts of enjoyment here, from re-charting the path of scientific discovery to expanding the scope of obscure traditional cultures. -- Nisi Shawl, The Seattle Times

I guarantee that you WILL NOT be disappointed. -- John Patrick Schmitz, The Door To Worlds Imagined

It succeeds as a good story on its own terms, and points the way toward even better things to come. -- Greg L. Johnson, SF Site

This is a good story, thoroughly recommended, and I am looking forward to what I am sure must be a further sequel. -- Paul Hanley, SFCrowsnest