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Deluxe Feeler Gauge

(KD161) Deluxe Feeler GaugeFeatures: Gauge measures clearances from 0.0015 to 0.035"" (0.038 to 0.889mm). It also includes one 0.010"" brass blade to use with electronic ignitions. Blade lengths: 3-5/16"" long, Blade Width: 1/2""

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Battery Terminal Puller

(KD202) Battery Terminal PullerFeatures: Use puller to remove the battery terminal clamp without damaging the battery post. Puller will even work on corroded spring-type clamps. To use, loosen the clamp bolt, place jaws under each side of the battery cable clamp and tighten the center screw until the clamp is free.

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Window Moulding Remover

(KD2038) Window Moulding RemoverFeatures: Removes window molding clips on GM, Ford and AMC vehicles. Place jaw flat against glass. Locate clips and roll them out with tip, keeping jaw flat to glass.

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Battery Brush

(KD206) Battery BrushFeatures: Use this durable metal brush to remove corrosion and dirt from batter terminals and cable clamps. Rugged steeel case has a long life. The external brush cleans cable clamps and the internal brush cleans terminal posts. Metal case.

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All-Purpose Scraper and Sticker Remover

(KD2106) All-Purpose Scraper and Sticker RemoverFeatures: Remove inspection stickers, dealer price labels and paint from glass. Tool locks into 3 operating positions to reach hard-to-get-at slanting windshields and uses single-edge razor blades. Cutting edge folds into the handle for safe storage.

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Telescoping Mirror

(KD2108) Telescoping MirrorFeatures: Inspect hidden areas with this 2-1/8 x 3-1/2"" rectangular mirror that swivels to almost any position. Mirror has a comfortable vinyl grip. Closed length: 11-1/4"". Extended length: 15-1/4""

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Telescoping Mirror

(KD2109) Telescoping MirrorFeatures: Inspect hidden areas with this 2-1/4"" diameter mirror that swivels to almost any position and has a comfortable vinyl grip. Closed length: 10"". Extended length: 14"".

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Electrical Wire Stripper and Crimper

(KD2162) Electrical Wire Stripper and CrimperFeatures: This all-purpose electrical tool includes a pliers-type nose, crimper, wire cutter, stripper and bolt cutter. The nose has a serrated jaw to pull, loop and twist wire. The crimper works on 7 and 8mm noninsulated terminal and electrical 22-20 to 22-10 insulated terminals. Wire cutters and strippers at the front strip have wire sizes 22-20 and 22-10. The bolt cutter works on bolt sizes 4-40, 5-40, 6-32, 8-32, 10-32 and 10-24. The tool features comfortable cushion-grip handles.

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3-Way Battery Tool

(KD2173) 3-Way Battery ToolFeatures: Sharp steel blades on this tool remove corrosion and put a correct angle on terminal clamps and posts. Use the 6-blade, tapered reamer to quickly clean terminal clamps. Post cleaners are marked positive and negative, and are sized to accurately fit terminal posts and cut the correct angle. Proper cleaning of terminals and posts ensures perfect contact.

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Telescoping Magnetic Retrieving Tool

(KD2281) Telescoping Magnetic Retrieving ToolFeatures: Tool extends from 16-3/4"" to 26-3/4"" to pick up hard to reach ferrous metal parts and tools. It has a comfortable vinyl grip and the magnet rotates to any position. Maximum lifting power is 16 ozs. Magnet diameter is 1/2""

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Heavy-Duty Piston Ring Compressor

(KD2284) Heavy-Duty Piston Ring CompressorFeatures: Use compressor to install pistons 2-1/8 to 5"" (54 to 127mm) in diameter. Positive lock action provides positive compression and fingertip release. To compress piston ring into grooves, slip the tool over the piston and tighten with L-shaped wrench. Insert piston into cylinder and tap with a hammer to install. Enlarged crimped edge prevents compressor from entering the cylinder.

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Harmonic Balancer Puller

(KD2286) Harmonic Balancer PullerFeatures: Puller removes balancers, pulleys and gears with taped holes. A floating swivel prevents damage to the shaft end. Four slots in the yoke allow for 2- or 3-hole applications. Tool bolts to balancer with center screw on the end of the crankshaft. Tighten while tapping on the screw head to remove balancer. Puller includes 3/8-24 UNF, 5/16-18 UNC, 3/8-16 UNC and 10mm x 1.5 screws for most American and imported cars. Replacement Part: 2286-75 Yoke and Screw Swivel Replacement Part: 2286-76 Center Screw Replacement Part: 2286-77 Screw Assortment

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Ball Joint Separator

(KD2287) Ball Joint SeparatorFeatures: Tool separates ball joints from steering knuckles. To use, insert 15/16"" opening between parts and strike with hammer. Separator is forged to withstand hard usage. Overall length: 12""

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Crankshaft Pulley & Steering Wheel Puller

(KD2291) Crankshaft Pulley & Steering Wheel PullerFeatures: Puller removes crankshaft pulleys on Chrysler 2.2 and 2.5-L engines and pulls steering wheels on most US and import cars. The floating swivel on the center screw prevents damage to the steering column. Five sets of side bolts include 3/8-16 UNC, 5/16-24 UNF and 8mm x 1.25.

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2-1/2" Wire Cup Brush

(KD2314) 2-1/2" Wire Cup BrushFeatures: Brush removes light scale, rust and paint from surfaces. It is designed for light-duty use with 0.014"" high carbon steel wire. Use in electric drills or flexible shaft equipment. Face diameter: 2-1/2"". Shank diameter: 1/4"". Maximum safe free speed: 5000 rpm.

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23" Flexible Retrieving Tool

(KD2391) 23" Flexible Retrieving ToolFeatures: Retrieve small objecs from hard-to-reach places. Push the button to open the claws and release to grab. 23"" Long.

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Steering Wheel Lock-Plate Remover and Installer

(KD2414) Steering Wheel Lock-Plate Remover and InstallerFeatures: Depresses lock plate to allow easy removal and re-assembly of snap ring. Tool is a must for servicing turn signals, ignition switches and steering locks built into the steering column. Includes SAE and metric center screw adapters. Set screw locks telescopic column in place while depressing lock plate.

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Spiral Screw Extractor Kit

(KD2419) Spiral Screw Extractor KitFeatures: Removes screws, broken studs, set screws, pipe and Alemite fittings. Drill a hole in the screw and place extractor into hole. Tap lightly with hammer and turn counterclockwise with tap wrench to remove the screw. Spiral blades grip screw. Extractors fit the following Screw, Bolt or Stud Size: No. 12 to 5/16"", 5/16"" to 7/16"", 7/16"" to 9/16 and 9/16"" to 3/4"".

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4-Wheel-Drive Spindle Nut Wrench

(KD2467) 4-Wheel-Drive Spindle Nut WrenchFeatures: Four-lug wrench removes spindle nuts on 1/2 and 3/4 ton 4-Wheel drive vehicles. It features uniquely designed lugs for maximum strength. Use with 1/2"" square drive tool. Will work on Ford Vehicles with ratcheting type lock nuts on front axle. Applications: 1959-1980 Ford 1/2 and 3/4 Ton, Bronco 1984-Newer Ford Ranger and Bronco II with manual hubs. 1993-Newer Ford Ranger, Bronco II and Explorer with manual hubs. 1980-1996 Ford F150, Bronco, F250 and 350 with Dana 44 Axle or ratcheting lock nut. 1960-1990 GM 1/2 Ton, Full size Blazer/Jimmy 1969-1989 Dodge 1/2 ton with manual hubs 1990-93 Dodge with Dana 44 Axle with automatic lock hubs *Caution: Do Not Use With Power Tools

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Tubing Bender

(KD2517) Tubing Bender Features: Bend 3/16, 1/4, 5/16 and 3/8"" diameter tubing without kinking. Place tubing in groove and turn the handle to bend. Heavy-duty construction provides years of service.

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Fuel Pump Vacuum and Pressure Tester

(KD2521) Fuel Pump Vacuum and Pressure TesterFeatures: Test for fuel line pressure and vacuum leaks and check for leaky valves, timing, fuel pump vacuum and pressure and gas line leakage. Tester is equipped with an easy-to-read gauge with a 3"" hose and a vacuum hose adapter fitting. Gauge measures vacuum from 0 to 28"" Hg in 1"" increments (0 to 700mm Hg in 50mm increments). It also measures pressure from 0 to 15 psi in 1/2 psi increments (0 to 1 kg/cm2 in 0.1 kg/cm2 increments). Gauge diameter 2 11/16"".

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HEI Ignition Tester

(KD2756) HEI Ignition TesterFeatures: Accurately check for spark in ignition systems without removing spark plug from engine. Testers verify that energy is sufficient for spark plug to fire. Attach spark plug wire to tester end. Clamp tester to engine as ground. Crank engine and check for spark. Calibrated for High-Energy Systems

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Standard Ignition Tester

(KD2757) Standard Ignition TesterFeatures: Accurately check for spark in ignition systems without removing spark plug from engine. Testers verify that energy is sufficient for spark plug to fire. Attach spark plug wire to tester end. Clamp tester to engine as ground. Crank engine and check for spark. Calibrated for Standard Ignition Systems

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Universal Brake Shoe Retaining Spring Tool

(KD2774) Universal Brake Shoe Retaining Spring ToolFeatures: Double-ended tool removes and installs small and large car drum brake retaining springs. Tool fits sized 5/8 to 11/16"" and 11/16 to 7/8"" diameter. Special sockets grip retaining washers. Push and turn to remove or install.

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Bendix Drum Brake Spring Tool

(KD280) Bendix Drum Brake Spring ToolFeatures: Tool removes and installs return spring on Bendix drum brakes. To use, place socket end over spring anchor and twist to remove. Hook notched end through spring and over the post, then lift to install.

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