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Terminal Tool For GM Systems

(LIS14900) Terminal Tool For GM SystemsFeatures: Designed for Pack-Con and Weather-Pack terminals found on GM C3 Systems. Tool can also retrieve trouble codes from engine computer on late model GM vehicles.

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Tranmission Drain Funnel for Under Lift Oil Drains

(LIS17892) Tranmission Drain Funnel for Under Lift Oil DrainsFeatures: Heavy-duty plastic lift drain funnels extend the catch area of any lift drain. The funnel catches any loose parts. Flexible, if run over it will return to its original shape. Super Transmission Drain funnel fits the Ford E 40D and others. The fluted design can be used for draining oil filters. 17892 dimensions, 22"" x 23"".

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Hot Sleeve

(LIS18700) Hot SleeveFeatures: Protects Arms from Burns While Working Around the Engine. Made of durable, heat-resistant Kevlar. Double wall construction for added heat protection. Will work on either right or left arm. Sleeve is washable.

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Valve Core Torque Tool

(LIS18810) Valve Core Torque ToolFeatures: Properly installs and removes valve cores, including late model vehicles with the tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS). Torque tool is set to 4 inch pounds, to prevent under and over torquing the valve core. Helps prevent valve core leaks causing low tire pressure and possible TPMS alerts. Slim design allows access in tight spots.

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Spark Indicator

(LIS19380) Spark IndicatorFeatures: Tests Spark Plugs, Spark Plug Wires and Coils Without Puncturing the Wire. With the engine running, place the grooved end of the tool over the plug wire. The bulb will flash to indicate spark.

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2 1/8" - 5" Ring Compressor

(LIS19500) 2 1/8" - 5" Ring CompressorFeatures: Spring clutch eliminates ratchet problems. Spring clutch assures a proper fit on the piston and a positive locking action. Range 2 1/8"" to 5"".

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Catch-All Drip Pan

(LIS19722) Catch-All Drip PanFeatures: Ideal for use on showroom floors, garages, carports, or under equipment. Made of durable polyethylene materials to assure longevity and flexibility. Holds 8 quarts 24"" x 36"" x 1 1/2""

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6 Quart Oil Dispensers

(LIS19732) 6 Quart Oil DispensersFeatures: Translucent (see through) polyethylene material enables the user to read the liquid level on the container. Marked in both quarts and liters. The flexible 8"" pouring spout enables easy transfer of liquid. The 19732 spout is white.

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Inline Spark Tester

(LIS20610) Inline Spark TesterFeatures: Quickly diagnose problems with all ignition systems. Connect tool between the spark plug and plug wire. The tool is double-ended to offer a straight boot and a 90 degree boot on one tool. With engine running, the tool flashes a mirror image of the ignition spark.

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Thermostat Gasket Cleaner

(LIS22500) Thermostat Gasket CleanerFeatures: Use with a die grinder to quickly clean gasket surfaces on Dodge pickups, oil pans, water pumps and other inaccessible applications. Equipped with a floating guide shaft so the user can steer the abrasive pad around the gasket surface. Replaceable abrasive pad works in seconds.

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Hose Pinchers Set - 2 Pc.

(LIS22850) Hose Pinchers Set - 2 Pc.Features: A quick and easy way to pinch off vacuum lines, fuel lines, etc. without damaging the line. Sold two per set.

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Hose Pincher - Pliers Style

(LIS23000) Hose Pincher - Pliers StyleFeatures: Clamps and holds hoses up to 3/4"" I.D. Angled jaws close to create a complete seal everytime. Jaws are offset for hard to reach areas. The handles lock firmly to hold the jaws in a closed position. Frees both hands to fo the work. Used on brake hoses, vacuum hoses, heater hoses and all flexible rubber hose. Made of super tough glass-filled nylon.

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Stone-Type Glaze Breaker

(LIS23500) Stone-Type Glaze BreakerFeatures: Full 2"" to 7"" Range (50.8 - 177.8mm) Controlled pressure assures positive, adjustable contact through full range Operates with any electric drill. Furnished with 3"" long 220 grit stones Adjustable stop collar permits quick selection of two range settings, from 2"" to 4"" and from 4"" to 7"" Stone arms are easily compressed to eliminate cylinder scratches.

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Disc Brake Pad Spreader

(LIS24400) Disc Brake Pad SpreaderFeatures: For installing pads on most domestic and import cars and light trucks. Tool compresses disc brake piston for easy pad installation.

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Tamper Resistant Torx Bit Set

(LIS26000) Tamper Resistant Torx Bit SetFeatures: Seven 1/4"" hex insert bits with 1/4"" drive bit holder Fits tamper resistant Torx fasteners fond on radio mountings, exterior mirrors, carburetors and other applications. Includes: T-10, T-15, T-20, T-25, T-27, T-30, T-30, T-40 tamper resistant Torx bits, 1/4"" drive bit holder

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(LIS26520) T-60 TORX BITFeatures: T-60 TORX BIT

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7 Pc. External Torx Socket Set

(LIS26750) 7 Pc. External Torx Socket SetFeatures: Seven sizes E-6 thru E-16. The three smaller sizes are 1/4"" drive; the four larger sizes are 3/8"" drive. Made of heat-treated alloy steel. Sockets are kept in a convenient vinyl holder. E-18 Torx Socket - Fits Ford under body cross members, rear wheel brakes on Thunderbirds and Cougars, and dual wheel Ford trucks. 1/2"" drive. E-20 Torx Socket - Fits Cadillac Caterra camshaft and other applications. 1/2"" drive.

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Sneak Pete - Rear Main Seal Remover/Installer Kit

(LIS27000) Sneak Pete - Rear Main Seal Remover/Installer KitFeatures: Removes and installs upper rear main seals without dropping crankshaft. The Lisle 27000 includes everything needed to speed up a long, slow job. Cork screw puller makes it easy to remove old seal. To install new seal, 27000 includes a pulling wire with a removeable T-handle and spring steel clip that grips the seal firmly as it is pulled into position. Two extra clips are furnished. Saves many times its cost every time it is used.

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Brake Caliper Torx Socket Set - 3 Pc.

(LIS27740) Brake Caliper Torx Socket Set - 3 Pc.Features: T40, T45, T50 Torx sockets for fitting most Ford and GM brake calipers 3/8"" drive, one piece design

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Strap Wrench

(LIS28500) Strap WrenchFeatures: Loosen or tighten cylindrical, rectangular and odd shaped objects. Handy, self-tightening strap wrench won''t slip. Works great for installing or removing timing belt sprockets or belt pulleys. Range from 1"" to 6-5/8"" round. Tensile strenght of strap is 1350 P.S.I. Handle is made of glass filled polypropylene which provides superior strenght.

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Rear Disc Brake Piston Retraction Tool

(LIS28600) Rear Disc Brake Piston Retraction ToolFeatures: Rotates piston back into the caliper when replacing rear brake pads. This six sided tool now fits more applications. Fits most domestic and some import applications. Push and turn tool to rototate piston into caliper. Use with 3/8"" ratchet and extension.

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Universal Brake Caliper Bit Set

(LIS29150) Universal Brake Caliper Bit SetFeatures: Nine Sizes for Brake Caliper Bolt Applications. Set includes four Torx and five hex bits for removal and installation of brake caliper mounting bolts. Includes the following sizes: T-40, T-45, T-47, T-50, 1/4"", 3/8"", 7mm, 8mm and 10mm. All bits are 3/8"" square drive. Handy sleeve keeps bits together in one place.

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Automatic Center Punch

(LIS30280) Automatic Center PunchFeatures: Automatic action fires to create a dimple when downward pressure is applied. No hammer is needed. Works on metal, plastic, wood and other materials. Pressure can be varied by turning the knurled knob. Hardened tool steel tip is replaceable. Length 5-1/2""

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CV Boot Clamp Pliers for Earless-Type Clamps

(LIS30500) CV Boot Clamp Pliers for Earless-Type ClampsFeatures: A sturdy, low-cost tool. Works on earless-type clamps including those found on GM inboard CV joints.

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CV Joint Banding Tool for Band-It and Band-It Jr. Clamps

(LIS30950) CV Joint Banding Tool for Band-It and Band-It Jr. ClampsFeatures: Works on all CV joints using Band-It and Band-It Jr. type boot bands. Use 5/8"" socket or wrench to wind and crimp new band on boot. Tool is easily disengaged from the band after the band is tightened.

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Power/Ground Outlet

(LIS32150) Power/Ground OutletFeatures: Provides a Convenient Electrical Ground and Power Source from the Vehicle. Plug the tool into the cigarette lighter or power accessory receptacle. You now have a ground and power source on the dash. The plug light will come on to signal the plug is properlyy connected and both power and ground are available at the posts. For power, connect to the positive (+) terminal. For electrical ground, attach ground wire from the instrument to be grounded to the negative (-) terminal.

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