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Super Transmission Drain Funnel

(LIS17902) Super Transmission Drain Funnel Features: Heavy-duty plastic lift drain funnel extends the catch area of any lift drain. The funnel catches any loose parts. Flexible, if run over it will return to its original shape. Super Transmission Drain Funnel fits the Ford E 40D and others. The fluted design can be used for draining oil filters. Dimensions, 24"" x 36"".

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Multi-Drain Tub

(LIS17922) Multi-Drain TubFeatures: 30 quart, heavy-duty, all-purpose plastic drain tub. For draining radiators, crankcases, transmissions, differentials, etc. on cars and trucks. Designed for easy pouring and disposal. The apron facilitates washing and sorting parts. Dimenssions 33""x22""x8"".

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Universal Camshaft Bearing Tool

(LIS18000) Universal Camshaft Bearing ToolFeatures: Drives Camshaft Bearings Smoothly. Easy on Bearings. Now, one complete low cost set that will remove or insert camshaft bearings in nearly all engines from compact cars to heavy trucks. Range of 1.125"" to 2.69"" (28.58 - 68.3mm). The expander has a neoprene sleeve over which the split driving plugs are mounted and expanded to size. This tool has two sets of rubber sleeves supplied with it for each expanding driver. The brown sleeves are used when driving thin wall bearings (.065). The black sleeves should be used when driving thick wall bearings (.090). Instruction sheet T18000 provides complete, illustrated operating instructions and parts list. Includes: Driving shaft, driving shaft extension, expander unit, five split driving plugs, two driving collars, centering cone and blow molded case. Shipping wt. 17lb.

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Truck Drain On Wheels

(LIS19122) Truck Drain On WheelsFeatures: Easily holds up to 60 quarts. Equipped with 4 rollers and a handle for easy transport and positioning under the truck. The sides curve inward to keep the oil from spilling during movement. Convenient handles and a pour spout facilitate spill free oil evacuation. Rolls under most all cab over axles so the oil can be changed without jacks or jack stands. Overall height 10"", width 24 1/2"", length 43"".

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Tire/Tube Test Tank

(LIS19822) Tire/Tube Test TankFeatures: A durable plastic tank for testing tubes and tires. The tank features reinforcement ribs for extra support. Will handle passenger tire sizes to wide oval and light duty truck tires. Dimensions 31""x12""x12"".

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Rear Disc Brake Caliper Tool

(LIS25000) Rear Disc Brake Caliper ToolFeatures: For Rotating Pistons Back into the Caliper to Provide Clearance for New Pads. Includes 5 adapters (available individually) for use in both 2 and 4-wheel rear disc brake assemblies of most domestic and import cars. Tool may be used ""on"" or ""off"" the car. A real time saver that makes this tough job easy. Helps prevent damage to the piston and boot.

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Dual Piston Brake Pad Spreader

(LIS25750) Dual Piston Brake Pad SpreaderFeatures: Directions: Squeeze the tool handle until the plunger contacts the inboard brake pad. Continue squeezing to compress both pistons. Makes dual piston pad replacement a simple job.

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Ratcheting Lock Nut Tool for Ford Trucks

(LIS28000) Ratcheting Lock Nut Tool for Ford TrucksFeatures: Double-ended for both sizes of ratcheting style lock nuts. Two tools in one!. Small end fits Ford 1986 to 1994 light trucks with Dana 44 front axle. Large end fits 1985 & newer Ford F150-F350 trucks with Dana 80 full floating rear axle. Press tool into locknut and rotate to release the ratchet inside the locknut. A torque wrench is used when installing. Use with 1/2"" square drive.

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Torque Angle Meter

(LIS28100) Torque Angle MeterFeatures: For all torque-to-yield fastener applications. Commonly used for tightening head bolts and other bolts where torque angle is required. Use with 1/2"" drive.

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Antenna Nut Socket Set

(LIS29650) Antenna Nut Socket SetFeatures: For Removing or Replacing Antennas Four double-ended sockets fit eight common domestic and import antenna nuts. The smaller three sockets are 7/8"" hex and the larger socket is 1 1/4"" hex. Sockets are made of heat-treated alloy steel for strength. Complete applications are listed on the card. Includes: Antenna Nut Socket #1, Antenna Nut Socket #2, Antenna Nut Socket #3 and Antenna Nut Socket #4.

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Large Tailpipe Expander

(LIS32750) Large Tailpipe ExpanderFeatures: Removes clamp grooves and round out pipes. Practical, rugged tool that make easy work of a tough job. Works with wrench or impact tool Fits 2-3/8"" to 3-1/4""

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Exhaust/Tailpipe Stretcher

(LIS34400) Exhaust/Tailpipe StretcherFeatures: Stretches all pipe including stainless steel. Use with an impact wrench to quickly stretch pipes. Two collet sets fit pipes from 1-5/8"" to 2-7/16"". Can be used on the car. The pipe stretcher is a convenient, inexpensive alternative to hydraulic pipe expanders. Additional collets extend range to 4-1/4"" (not included in the 34400 set)

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Valve Keeper Remover & Installer

(LIS36200) Valve Keeper Remover & InstallerFeatures: Quickly Removes Valve Keepers On Overhead Valve Engines. Makes Valve Component Disassembly And Reassembly Fast And Easy. Push or tap tool with a hammer to remove valve keepers. A magnet in the tool body captures the keepers for quick removal and valve disassembly. To install keepers, load keepers into the installer. Push or tap to install. Can be used on the car or a work bench.

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Universal Cam Adjuster

(LIS38220) Universal Cam AdjusterFeatures: Adjusts to Fit Different Sized Cam Sprockets. This adjustable tool is designed to both hold and turn cam sprockets. The tool is needed to turn the cam sprockets to adjust the cam position. It can also be used to hold the cam sprocket in place when removing the cam bolt. It will work on all single and dual overhead cam sprockets with holes.

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Pickle Fork Kit

(LIS41500) Pickle Fork KitFeatures: For seperating ball joints, tie rods, pitman arms and other uses. Six tools in one for exceptional versatility and value. Kit consists of three forks and two handles; one for hammering, the other for use with an air hammer (.401"" shank). All forks are threaded to interchange with either handle. Forks are heavy-duty forgings, handles are heat-treated alloy steel.

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Pneumatic Fan Clutch Wrench Set

(LIS43300) Pneumatic Fan Clutch Wrench SetFeatures: Quickly Removes & Installs Fan Clutch When Repairing The Water Pump Or Fan Clutch. Does the job much faster and easier than conventional fan clutch wrenches. No holding wrench is necessary. Set includes 7 driving wrenches that fit Ford, GM and Chrysler. Driving wrench sizes include: 36mm, 1 1/2"", 1 9/16"", 41mm, 42mm, 1 7/8"" and 2"". Use with an air hammer.

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Oxygen Sensor Remover for use with Air Hammer/Chisel

(LIS43900) Oxygen Sensor Remover for use with Air Hammer/ChiselFeatures: Pneumatic Action Removes Oxygen Sensors.Use this set with an air hammer to remove stubborn, baked-on oxygen sensors. Pneumatic action works where conventional sockets won�?t. Compact design allows easy access under the hood. To install sensors, use the socket only with a 3/8"" drive ratchet. Shipping wt. 1 lb. 4 oz.

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Inner Tie Rod Tool

(LIS45750) Inner Tie Rod ToolFeatures: Works on Tie Rods With Inaccessible Flats Many inner tie rod end sockets do not have a complete hex on the full length of the socket. The rounded socket ends prevent access to the wrench flats. This tool utilizes five crows feet, to engage the wrench flats. Long socket slips over tie rod end and connects to the crows foot. The inner tie rod can be removed and installed without removing the rack.

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Universal Inner Tie Rod Wrench

(LIS46600) Universal Inner Tie Rod WrenchFeatures: The universal wrench is designed to remove and install all inner tie rod sockets up to 1-31/64"" regardless of the rod socket configuration. The wrench head has three set screws that tighten against the rounded tie rod socket or socket flats. Comes with a 1/4"" short head hex wrench(LIS46570) for tightening set screws in hard-to-reach areas. Use 1/2"" drive (LIS46620). No-flat applications includes: �?00-�?03 Dodge Neon, �?00-�?01 Plymouth Neon, and �?01-�?03 Dodge & Chrysler Minivans. Also fits some no-flat applications on Ford & Nissan.

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Engine Tilter for GM FWD Transverse Mounted Engines

(LIS48260) Engine Tilter for GM FWD Transverse Mounted EnginesFeatures: Tilts and holds GM FWD Transverse Mounted Engines for repair. This tool attaches to the engine and engine mount to pull the engine foward. Makes servicing spark plugs, hoses, oxygen sensor, and ignition components much easier. Holds the engine safely in place during service.

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Side Winder Air Hose Reel

(LIS50350) Side Winder Air Hose ReelFeatures: Coil and Uncoil Your Air Hose Neatly and Quickly to Prevent Damage. The Side Winder Air Hose Reel provides a large 10"" diameter reel to prevent tight coils in your air hose. Two built-in tool hangers keep your air chuck, blow gun or other air tools handy. The constant supply 1/4"" NPT brass swivel keeps air flowing freely and handles up to 250 P.S.I. even when dispensing or winding air hose. A coil spring brake keeps reel from unrolling, yet allows easy despensing of hose. Versatile installation - reel can be fastened in any direction - on a bench, under a bench, on a wall, from the ceiling, on a compressor or on a service truck. Base has a six hole pattern for bench mounting and a center line pattern for mounting on a stud wall. The all steel construction with durable powder baked paint finish is made to last. Specifications: Supplies 28 C.F.M. at 90 P.S.I. Reel holds 150 feet of 5/8"" O.D. hose or 100 feet of 3/4"" O.D. hose. Dimensions: Diameter 17 3/4"" x Width 11"" x Height 19""

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10 Pc. Cap Style Oil Filter Wrench Set

(LIS54920) 10 Pc. Cap Style Oil Filter Wrench SetFeatures: Ten 3/8"" Drive Cap Oil Filter wrenches. Fits 95% of domestic and import automotive applications. Complete set comes in a handy 10"" x 13"" plastic case. Includes Sizes: 65/67mm - 14 Flutes 80mm - 15 Flutes 68mm - 14 Flutes 86mm - 16 Flutes 74/76mm - 15 Flutes 93mm - 15 Flutes 76mm - 14 Flutes 93mm - 36 Flutes 76mm - 30 Flutes 100mm - 15 Flutes

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Serpentine Belt Tool

(LIS57900) Serpentine Belt ToolFeatures: Releases Tension on Serpentine Belts with a Spring Loaded Idler Pulley. Used to remove and install belts on serpentine belt systems using a spring loaded idler pulley. Will reach where conventional ratchets and breaker bars won''t. Extension bars are bolted on for hard-to-reach areas. Includes: 14mm Socket, Handle, 15mm Socket, 18mm Socket, 13mm Socket, 3/8"" Square Drive Socket, 1/2"" Square Drive Socket, 16mm Socket, Long Extension, Short Extension.

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Pinion Bearing Race Driver Set

(LIS59400) Pinion Bearing Race Driver SetFeatures: Set Includes 8 Drivers for Driving Inner and Outer Pinion Bearing Races on 1/2 and 3/4 Ton Ford, Dodge and GM Pickups. Use the extended, two-piece handle for driving rear pinion bearing races. A pneumatic handle is also included for use with an air hammer. Set Includes: 59410 (2 11/16""), 59420 (2 27/32""), 59430 (2 7/8""), 59440 (3""), 59450 (3 1/4""), 59460 (3 1/2""), 59470 (3 3/4""), and 59480 (4 1/2"")

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GM10 Strut Tool

(LIS62750) GM10 Strut ToolFeatures: Removes GM10 Model MacPherson Strut Cartridge on the Car! Tool completely removes and installs strut cartridge through the strut tower. Comes with handle, spanner wrench and T-50 Torx bit to quickly remove and replace strut cartridge. Works on all GM10 models including: 1988-up Grand Prix, Buick Regal, Cutlass Supreme and 1990-up Chevrolet Lumina. Complete instructions with tool. Use with 1/2"" square drive.

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Spark Plug Rethreading Kit for Ford

(LIS65900) Spark Plug Rethreading Kit for FordFeatures: This precision tool accurately replaces stripped Ford spark plug threads with new thread inserts. Works on the car without removing the engine head. This set includes a drill, tap, swedge tool, insert tool, 10 steel inserts, plus a vacuum adapter to remove shavings from the chamber. The tool set installs a new spark plug thread insert in the exact original position in approximately 20 minutes. Replaces Stripped Spark Plug Threads On Ford V10, 4.6 And 5.4 Liter Engines. IMPORTANT: An inspection scope must be used to insure all shavings are removed from the combustion chamber. An inspection scope is not included in the 65900 set. Order a 66090 scope and 66100 45�?? mirror attachment if needed.

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