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Power Steering Pump/Alternator Pulley Remover

(OTC7185) Power Steering Pump/Alternator Pulley RemoverFeatures: The 7185 tool removes pulleys on most Chryser Ford GM and VW vehicles including Saginaw Thompson and the Ford C2 power steering pumps; GM belt-driven vacuum pumps on both gas and diesel cars; and press-on water pump pulleys on GM 4-cylinder and V6 engines. The 7185 works on pulleys with hub diameters of 1 1/8in. 1 1/4in. 1 5/16in. and 1 3/8in. With split collet design the jaws grip the pulley flange for damage-free removal. Mechanical screw power does the actual pulling.

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Oxygen Sensor Wrench

(OTC7189) Oxygen Sensor WrenchFeatures: Needed for servicing today''s computer-controlled vehicle systems. Easily removes the oxygen sensor located in the exhaust manifold. Heat treated cast steel. Has 7/8"" hex, 1/2"" square drive (double square for easy access).

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Front Hub Puller with Spare Locknut

(OTC7208A) Front Hub Puller with Spare LocknutFeatures: The 7208 puller removes front hubs without damaging the wheel bearing. Its universal design fits most FWD cars. The spare locknut lets you use it with a standard slide hammer puller for rear axle flanges.

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Exhaust Back Pressure Gauge

(OTC7215) Exhaust Back Pressure GaugeFeatures: Now there''s a fast, easy way to read exhaust back pressure to help determine the extent of restriction. Simply insert the No. 7215 into the oxygen sensor hole. Large, easy-to-read gauge clearly shows pressure from 0-8 PSI. Specially designed tip provides more accurate pressure reading while stainless steel braided tube withstands high-heat engine conditions. A universal adapter is also included for vehicles with thermactor systems. For use on GM, Ford, Chrysler and imported vehicles.

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Ball Joint Service Tool Set

(OTC7249) Ball Joint Service Tool SetFeatures: This set removes and replaces ball joints. The C-frame press alone can also be used to remove and replace universal joints. Includes: C-frame press, receiver tube (3"" O.D. x 2-3/4"" I.D.), receiver tube (2-1/2"" O.D. x 2-1/4"" I.D.), receiver tube (2"" O.D. x 1-3/4"" I.D.), installing adapter, removing adapter, carrying case.

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Bearing Locknut Socket

(OTC7269) Bearing Locknut SocketFeatures: For use with 1985-newer Ford F-series 3/4 and 1 ton truck with Dana 80 Rear axle

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Ford EFI Quick Coupler Adapter

(OTC7272) Ford EFI Quick Coupler AdapterFeatures: EFI Quick Coupler Disconnect fitting (Ford) (.307-32 female)

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Pitman Arm Puller (Medium and Heavy Trucks)

(OTC7310A) Pitman Arm Puller (Medium and Heavy Trucks)Features: Designed to handle the toughest Pitman arm pulling jobs. Theyre adjustable and have specially forged jaws shaped to fit the job. They have two clamp bolts that lock the jaws on the Pitman arm for pulling ensuring positive grip and leaving hands free for the pulling job. Puller will perform many other pulling jobs.

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Pitman Arm Puller (Passenger Cars and Light Trucks to 3/4 ton)

(OTC7311A) Pitman Arm Puller (Passenger Cars and Light Trucks to 3/4 ton)Features: Designed to handle the toughest Pitman arm pulling jobs. Theyre adjustable and have specially forged jaws shaped to fit the job. They have two clamp bolts that lock the jaws on the Pitman arm for pulling ensuring positive grip and leaving hands free for the pulling jobs.

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Pitman Arm Puller

(OTC7314A) Pitman Arm PullerFeatures: The No. 7314 Pitman arm puller is designed to handle the toughtest Pitman arm pulling jobs on passenger cars and light trucks. This puller features special forged jaws shaped to fit the job, ensuring a positive grip and leaving your hands free for the pulling job. To use, simply remove the retaining nut, place the puller jaws behind the Pitman arm and tighten the forcing screw. Mechanical power does the rest!

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Universal Tie Rod End Remover

(OTC7315A) Universal Tie Rod End RemoverFeatures: We''ve redesigned it for use on imports and many of today''s front wheel drive cars. This easy-to-use adapter attaches diretly to the studs - no more adapter to choose! To use, simply insert tool between spindle arm and tie rod, or drag link and steering arm. Tool is universal in applicaton for most car makes.

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Disc Park Brake Caliper Tool Kit

(OTC7317A) Disc Park Brake Caliper Tool KitFeatures: Includes: No. 7553 - Four wheel disc brake adapter tool Fits 1 1/2in. pistons. Usable two ways: one side fits GM Honda Mitsubishi Mazda Dodge Conquest and Subaru; other side fits Ford Pontiac Fiero Subaru and Toyota. Wt. 3 oz. No. 7554 - Four wheel disc brake adapter tool. Fits 1 11/16in. pistons on Subaru Nissan Datsun and Ford Thunderbird. Wt. 5 oz. No. 7555 - Four wheel disc brake adapter tool. Fits GM 1 7/8in. pistons. Wt. 5 oz. No. 7556 - Four wheel disc brake adapter tool. Fits GM 2 1/8in. pistons. Wt. 7 oz. No. 7557 - Four wheel disc brake adapter tool. Fits GM 2 1/2in. pistons. Wt. 10 oz.

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Universal Hub Puller

(OTC7394) Universal Hub PullerFeatures: Has readily adjustable sliding arms to pull wheel hubs quickly and easily. Maximum reach is 7-1/2"" bolt circle. Provides a straight pull - will not distort wheel lugs. Five legs should be used on Cadillac and Jeep hubs (extra legs available separately). Striking wrech and puller screw included.

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Universal Outside Thread Chaser

(OTC7402) Universal Outside Thread ChaserFeatures: Precision dies restore threads to their original condition to make reassembly of matching parts faster and easier. Eliminates the need for expensive thread-cutting equipment. Tighten the tool slightly on the good threads, then back off over the damaged thread area to restore the threads. The die cast alloy V-pad will not damage the threads. V-pads and dies can be replaced when worn out. Capacity: from 1-1/4"" to 5"" O.D. Includes: Thread chaser, complete with 6 dies: threads per inch - 4, 5, 6, 7, 7-1/2, 8, 9, 10,11, 11-1/2, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20 and 24. Wt. 2 lbs. 13 oz.

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46" Jimmy Bar - 7/8" Diameter

(OTC7420) 46" Jimmy Bar - 7/8" DiameterFeatures: 46" Jimmy Bar - 7/8" Diameter

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Fuel Injector Canister-type Cleaner

(OTC7448) Fuel Injector Canister-type CleanerFeatures: This cleaning device connects directly to your shop air supply and when used with recommended liquid solvent will clean injectors more effectively than aerosol methods. It works on many domestic and imported vehicles with either high or low pressure systems. The gauges large dial face is easy to read through the complete range of 0-100 PSI (0-7 bar). The canister holds up to 18 fluid oz.; its brass and aluminum construction minimizes the possibility of failure. Comes with an under-hood hanger attachment and 72in. hose. Works with all OTC fuel injection system adapters. Decarbonize intake and combustion systems by using with the No. 7666 decarbonizing adapter and No. 7904 D-Karbonizer treatment. OTC No. 7000 Pro Inject-R Kleen fluid is used for injector cleaning. Includes: gauge- hose- instructions and Tools & Techniques manual.

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Rear Axle Bearing Puller Set - 3 Pc.

(OTC7494A) Rear Axle Bearing Puller Set - 3 Pc.Features: Each of the pullers included in this set make short work removing semi-floating rear axle bearings. The 3 piece set services most domestic cars. Works with OTC puller-type slide hammers. Included sizes (Fit main bearing tube I.D.) 1"" to 1-7/8"", 1-5/16""-2-3/8"", 1-3/8""-2-7/8""

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Outer Tie Rod Remover

(OTC7503) Outer Tie Rod RemoverFeatures: Works on imports and domestics; front or rear wheel drives; and cast or stamped steel steering knuckles. This one''s a must when working on outer tie rods. Its versatility is a big time and money saver. You can apply up to tons of force to this puller to break the tie rod free from the steering knuckle without damaging either. The special design of this puller also helps prevent the jaws from slipping on the steering knuckle when force is applied.

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Universal Inner C.V. Joint Puller

(OTC7507) Universal Inner C.V. Joint PullerFeatures: Removes most C.V joints having hidden retaining rings without damage to transmission case, boot or bearing. Services most GM, Ford, and Chrysler vehicles. Use with OTC 1155 slide hammer

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Basic Fuel Injection Presure Testing Kit

(OTC7635A) Basic Fuel Injection Presure Testing KitFeatures: For quickly and accurately diagnosing fuel pressure problems on GM, Chrysler, Jeep and Ford vehicles with multiport fuel injection systems. Simply fasten adapter to the Schrader valve on the fuel rail. Use the 0-100 PSI gauge (with accuracy within +/-1%) to check for adequate fuel pump pressure, or bleed air from the system with the bleed valve. No. 7430 quick-disconnect 90-degree elbow fitting, and No. 7272 Ford EFI quick-disconnect fitting are also included in this set.

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Fuel Injection Cleaner Starter Kits with Fittings, Adapters and Cleaner

(OTC7659) Fuel Injection Cleaner Starter Kits with Fittings, Adapters and CleanerFeatures: Clogged fuel injectors can cause sluggish engine performance, poor fuel economy, rough idle, and customer complaints. With these sets, you get our canister-type cleaner plus adapters to clean injectors on most vehicles, domestic or imported. You can service a wider range of vehicles because these sets require fewer adapters. Using OTC''s Pro Inject-R Kleen fluid, the injectors are effectively cleaned, spray pattern is restored, and prevents recurring deposits. You can also perform high- and low-pressure fuel system tests. Simply connect the canister to your regular shop air supply for more effective and economical cleaning - without expensive propellants! These sets can also decarbonize intake and combustion systems when used with fitting No. 7666 and No. 7904 D-Karbonizer4 fluid. Includes: canister, gauge, hose, fittings, operating instructions and Tools & Techniques manual and twelve 16-oz. cans of Pro Inject-R Kleen fluid. Wt. 29 lbs.

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GM TBI Fuel Pressure Adapter

(OTC7665) GM TBI Fuel Pressure AdapterFeatures: (16mm x 1.5). Wt. 5 oz.

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4WD Ball Joint Service Kit for Dana44

(OTC7704) 4WD Ball Joint Service Kit for Dana44Features: This kit is used with ball joint service kit No. 7249 to remove and install upper and lower ball joints on 1967-current 1/2- and 3/4-ton 4WD vehicles having the Dana44 front axle (found on Ford, GM, Dodge, IHC and Jeep vehicles).

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Ford Power Steering Pump Pulley Installer

(OTC7771) Ford Power Steering Pump Pulley InstallerFeatures: The 4.6L modular engine that Ford and Mercury use on their 1991 and newer models presents special problems of its own when it comes to installing the power steering pump puley. Installer No. 7771 is a required tool to ensure that the pulley or pump shaft aren''t damaged during installation. Threads are 8mm to fit the metric threads on the Ford C111 pump.

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GM Torsion Bar Unloading Tool

(OTC7822A) GM Torsion Bar Unloading ToolFeatures: GM''s K-35 series trucks with the heavy-duty chassis require heavy-duty tools to deal wih the larger torsion bar. The larger C-frame opening on the 7822A accommodates the beefed-up torsion bar on these trucks holding it in place while you loosen or tighten the adjusting nut. Also works on 1988 and newer GMC and Chevrolet 1/2- 3/4- and 1-ton pickups; S-10 Blazers S-15 Jimmys 4WD pickups with 4.3L V-6 engines; and 1991 and newer Olds Bravada.

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Ford E250/350 Van Ball Joint Remover

(OTC7825) Ford E250/350 Van Ball Joint RemoverFeatures: When used with OTC7249 ball joint service tool set, lets you quickly remove the lower ball hoint on 1992 and newer 3/4- and 1-ton full-size vans (E-250 and E-350)

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