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Pro Wobble Board Kit

A set of our 3 most popular balance boards plus a stand to store them in. Includes a Rocker Board, 20" and 16" Wobble Boards and stand to hold all 3 boards. font>

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Eco Wobble Board Kit & Stand

Eco Wobble Board Kit & Stand Functional fixed angle Balance Boards for home or light commercial use. High quality 1/2" Baltic birch. Finished with a non-slip grip. Great starter boards.

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Xco Trainer

Healthy movement is an interaction of various systems of the body. To prevent injury and improve our quality of movement all of the systems should be trained to fulfill their role. We are all very familiar with the benefits of resistance training to strengthen muscles and cardiovascular training to strengthen the heart, but what about connective tissue which supportsfour entire body and helps to guide and produce movement. Many injuries that occur happen at the level of connective tissue and take a long time to heal, that is why training should look at how to prepare connective tissue for everyday life. Connective tissue must be trained to fulfill its functions in all planes of movement.When we walk, run, play catch or pick something up we are relying on our bodies ability to accelerate and decelerate movement via an interaction of our nervous system, muscular system and connective tissue. The Xco is a great tool to prepare the body for these functions as the user has to accelerate and decelerate the weight of the granules which are free moving in the Xco and thus emulates the impact that occurs in our everyday lives.

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Recommended for: People that want to lose weight and to get in shape. Wellness programs. Use in aerobic activity or just around the house. Option to add 8 more lbs of weights when you are ready. Xvest Small (12lbs). Holds up to 20 lbs, includes 12 lbs. Fits waist sizes 26" - 32". Fitness/Skill level: Beginner Xvest Medium (20lbs). Holds up to 20 lbs, includes 20 lbs. Fits waist sizes 30" - 36". Fitness/Skill level: Beginner to Intermediate Xvest Large (40lbs). Holds up to 40 lbs, includes 40 lbs. Fits waist sizes 34" - 40". Fitness/Skill level: Intermediate to Advanced

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