The Cabinet of Light

The Cabinet of Light

Daniel O'Mahony

Synopsis of The Cabinet of Light

Where is the Doctor? Everyone is hunting him. Honore Lechasseur, a time sensitive 'fixer', is hired by mystery woman Emily Blandish to find him. Lechasseur discovers that the Doctor is, in fact, a semi-mythical figure who has appeared off and on throughout Earth's history. But what is his connection with London in 1949? And why is a mysterious group seeking 'the cabinet of light' a device somehow connected with the Doctor. Lechasseur is about to discover that following in the Doctor's footsteps can be a difficult task.

Reviews of The Cabinet of Light


It's an extraordinarily skilful Book, and O...Mahony is an extraordinarily skilful writer who creates atmosphere and tension and with remarkable economy makes the melodrama of this latter-day pulp-fiction Series touch the pain and hope of real character, while remaining melodrama. -- Andy Sawyer, The Alien Online

This is easily the best of the Telos Novellas so far, we are treated to a beautifully told story, atmospheric and thought provoking. -- Russell Cook, Infinity Plus