Adam Roberts

Synopsis of Splinter

Hector travels across America to visit his father on a ranch. He discovers that he has constructed a cult who await the impact of an asteroid. However, Hector is amazed when the section of Earth that the ranch is on suddenly breaks free from the rest of the planet during the collision. He struggles with his skepticism and acceptance of the fact that he is part of the remnants of the human race, on a splinter from the Earth.

Reviews of Splinter


...the Book does share with his other work a large central conceit vigorously plumbed for shattering emotional effects. -- Paul Di Filippo, Scifi.com

...very smart, very subtle. -- Andrea Johnson, SFRevu

His prose might be better but there is still an infuriatingly meandering quality to his writing. -- Martin Lewis, SFSite

This is a clever thought-experiment from a writer gaining a reputation for producing a string of wholly original novels. -- Eric Brown, The Guardian

I for one, have been converted into a fan. -- James R.Cain, Dark Animus